Wednesday 14 October 2015

Watch This Space

I set up Apocalypse Later Now! to cover all the things I wanted to say that I couldn't say at Apocalypse Later, given that it's a dedicated film review site. I didn't get very far.

Well, now's the time to get on with that, because big things are happening behind the scenes at Apocalypse Later and I want to start telling you about them.

For a start, I've set up a new domain to house the burgeoning Apocalypse Later Empire. Given that, after was freed up by the gaming clan who had it when I started out, it was promptly snapped up by a registrar who wants more than $1,500 for it, I went for instead. So, hey, now I have an empire. What to do with it?

Well, you can visit and find out what I've been doing. The main page is Apocalypse Later Empire and it's a portal to the various facets of this empire:

1. Apocalypse Later, my film review site that I started up in 2007.

There are now well over two thousand reviews posted, many of short or microbudget films that aren't reviewed anywhere else online. I have no idea of the word count but it must be over three million words.

2. Apocalypse Later Press, which publishes my books.

I have two books in print, available from all the usual online sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Autographed copies are available from the fantastic Dog-Eared Pages used bookstore in Phoenix. I have two more due shortly and others in the pipeline.

3. Apocalypse Later Mini-Film Festivals, which I've hosted across the southwest since 2013.

I started at LepreCon 39, programming a 90 minute set of short sci-fi films and a feature. I'll be hosting my 18th event at Comic & Media Expo at the Mesa Convention Center this Friday night starting at 7pm. I hope to see you there for two 60 minute sets of short sci-fi films and a Q&A with filmmakers in between.

Between LepreCon 39 and CMX 2015, I've programmed sci-fi, horror and steampunk at events across the Phoenix metropolitan area, in Tucson and in San Diego, CA. I'm already booked for Los Angeles next year.

4. Apocalypse Later Now!, this blog.

This is the weak link thus far, but I have plans to remedy that.

5. The Apocalypse Later... nah, that would be telling. Watch this space to see what else I'm going to be coming up with in 2015.

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